"Our Culture is Our Healing."
Sam Moody, Anouximalous, Nuxalk Nation
Light in the Meadow


 First Nations Peoples' Traditional Healing Wisdom holds the key to healing our inner world. 

The impacts of first contact, colonization, and residential Schools have left a legacy of pain and hurt that is felt by generations of First Nations and communities.  Alcohol and drug abuse, trauma, grief and loss, lateral violence, self destruction, sexual and physical violence, negative criticism continue to weave throughout our lives creating a community of dysfunction and chronic health conditions.


The traditional Internal Medicine Wheel Approach blended with current healing ways help to bring awareness of our blockages so we can move toward behavioral change in relationships with ourselves and others.  We learn to let-go while we develop skills for self care and personal development. 


The healing process is fundamental in Community Economic Development and Inter-dependency.  Healing supports the integrity necessary for the community's present and future forward movement from dysfunction, addictions and violence.